Conversations with God – Love

(As with all my other articles on talking with God, use discernment and give me grace for times when I mishear God. If you find it confusing, try reading slower. This conversation did not happen at a fast pace. Take time to let an answer refresh you.)


I’m here to talk, what do you want to talk about?”


I love love. Love is beautiful to talk about. I want you to think about this. Love is myself towards you. It is everything that describes me.”

That’s beautiful!

You are my son. And love describes you too.”

So love is who we are, its our description?

It is the very nature of my being. Everything I do is through love. There is no hate in me. The more you know me the more you know love. Do you love me?”

Yes Lord.

Then you love love. Do you find anything in me that is undesirable?”

No Lord.

Love is attractive. Are you pleased with our relationship?”

Yes Lord.

You have let me love you. You have let me be myself.”

I love love.

It is life. The message of grace is a message of love. Do you know why I ask the believer to show love?”

Why Lord.

Because his nature is most pleased when it is fulfilling me. Love is what he receives. The one who does not love does not enjoy me, because I am love.”

So are you saying one could, by not knowing you, not enjoy you and therein lies the problem?

If one does not know me, then he does not know love. Love is made manifest in this, while you were still sinners I gave my love to you.”

What does that mean?

It means love cannot be created from anything outside of myself. If you know me, you will know love. If you like me, then you will like love. If you do not like me, then you will not like love.”

How could one not like you?

One who does not see, cannot decide whether he likes or dislikes. Such a man will act in ignorance.”

So you’re saying, its impossible to see God accurately and not love.

If you desire what you see then you will replicate it in your heart and actions. If you praise love, then Love will come and make its home in your heart.”

God I love everything about you, but could you call it love?

What else would you call it? Sadness? Loneliness? Heart Ache? Fear? Love me and be filled with Love. Love keeps no record of sins. The one who keeps record of sins does not act in love. His ignorance is seen plain.”

Lord, I love you.

You love Me, because I love you.”

So love is contagious.

With the same passion and appeal that sex spreads in a godless/unbelieving culture, so love spreads in all who receive it. Yes, it is very contagious.”

Can a person receive love and not replicate it in his actions?

Love cannot be replicated. It can only be received. I am the giver.”

But am I not to replicate your love?

My love cannot be replicated, it can only be given as it is. You are not giving them your love, but my love. If you give them your love then it is a stone statue form of love.”

Please explain.

Love comes from Me. It always comes from Me. When it is in you it does not come from you. When it is in Me, it comes from me and dwells in you. When you love you are revealing me. Without me there can be no love.”

So its kind of like me spreading the word about a good restaurant. If the food was good I show others the goodness of the food, but I don’t produce the food.

That is a good example. The food is the love you receive and its word is in your heart. But you may bring home food from the restaurant for others to taste. If they like the food they will come and eat.”

But love is not word only but action. How does that work?

Sometimes actions speak louder than words.”

So then in conclusion, I must always position myself not as the giver, but as the receiver.

You must position yourself in a place to receive love. And when my love is in you, it will give itself. There will be no need to entreat it or convince it of its actions.”

Then why do the disciples teach good actions?

Because of discipline. The correction is there to reveal to them that their actions don’t line up with God’s love.”

So is it possible for me to receive love from you and not have my actions line up?

Sin does not come from love. Sin comes from ignorance in the believer.”

Doesn’t it come from our own evil desires?

That spring up from a lack of love.”

Can God’s love be taught?

It can be revealed.” 


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