Conversations with God – Science

One day my brother and I were driving home from school. He said, “I would really like to know how computer screens work. Like how the computer takes signals and turns them into pixels we can see.”

I said, “You should ask your professor.”

He said, “I would but he’s too busy. I wish there was an all knowing person you could ask anything to at any time…”

I looked at him.

“I know!” he said.

“You should ask Him.”

“Maybe I will tonight before I go to bed. Maybe He’ll teach me in a dream.”

“You can ask him tonight, but I’m going to ask Him now.”

“Ok cool.”

So I asked God how a computer screen works. He then gave me a simplified answer, “There is a gas or liquid behind each pixel that changes color depending on how much electricity is flowing through it.”

I told that to Josh and he looked at me with astonished eyes! “I think that’s right.” He then proceeded to look it up on google and I called my technological friend Basil to ask if it was correct. He said that it was. It was basically how a plasma screen worked. Further research confirmed it. It was simplified but true. So yea! God taught me how a plasma screen works. That inspired another series of conversations with Him. Because now I learned that He was a God of science who could teach me things about science. Until that time, I had never asked him questions like, how does the human body work? How do atoms work? What are the stars? I had been taught through school what to believe and had never asked the Creator of the Universe about it. Thus started some scientific conversations with Him. The first one I’m releasing is a conversation about emotions. Hope you enjoy.


PS: We can all talk to God like this. Everything I am saying to to inspire your relationship with Him and to encourage you to talk to Him more. 🙂


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