The 15 Pencils

This was a personal encounter I had with God one day. The same encounter I reference in my other blog entry, “Conversations with God – How Do I Know if I’m hearing God’s Voice.”

It had been quite some time since I had heard God so clearly as that day. So I took the opportunity to test whether I was really hearing God or not. I had been packing for my trip to college and a bag of pencils had spilt on the ground. It was the first thing that grabbed my attention. I said, “God, if this is you speaking to me, can you tell me how many pencils are on the ground?” I then tried intently to listen and I heard, “15, 12, 18, 7…” I knew it was my imagination but I was frustrated that I couldn’t tell which one was God.

Then God spoke clearly to me and said, “How many do you think there are?”

I said, “15.”

God said, “Count them and I’ll make up the difference.”

I didn’t understand what he meant, but I counted the pencils and there were 10. Immediately I realized that the difference was 5 and I was reminded of a sermon by Joseph Prince I had listened to 2 days prior on how the number 5 in the Bible represents the letter for “grace.” From that, I realized what the Lord was saying. I heard his voice wrong, but his grace made up the difference! I was amazed and said, “God! You did know how many pencils were on the ground!”

He said, “I knew, but you didn’t need to know. What you needed to know is that my grace will cover you when you mishear my voice.”

So don’t be afraid to hear God’s voice. Most of the time you will hear Him correctly, but sometimes every now and then we have heard his voice incorrectly. Don’t let that discourage you however, because God’s grace makes up the difference!


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