Conversations with God – Emotions

This is the first of my scientific conversations with God. There is a lot of material, I wouldn’t recommend reading it in just one day. The information came to me over a period of several days. Definitely use discernment when you read on this one. There are some things I strongly wonder whether they are the Lord or not. I haven’t tested and proven everything I heard so it may be incorrect. Give me grace for such mistakes and enjoy the read. Its really fascinating!

PS: I wouldn’t recommend reading this article if you are not already comfortable with the idea of people hearing God’s voice and have had some experience with discernment. This isn’t well polished and is in its raw form. If you are a science expert and know a lot about emotions, don’t think I’m challenging you. I would love your thoughts. I simply write as I hear and sometimes those thoughts come from myself.

PS: If you see yourself getting confused, take a break or skip that section. Sometimes I ask questions with funny wordings. I have also taken out confusing segments so that sections of the conversation are missing and there are also references to things that happened outside of the conversation. Just consider that as you read. I apologize or this.)

Emotions, Perceptions, and Intellect

Thankyou so much God for this time of ours together.

Your welcome Son. I look forward to it everyday. What are you thinking about?”

How to control my thoughts. Do they come from what we feed ourselves?

They can come from feelings.”

Where do feelings come from?

Your bodies’s internal sensors.”

Where else do feelings come from?

You’re wondering how the whole thing works?”

Yes, will you explain it to me?

Your body has the ability to sense what is around it on three levels. Intellectual, physical, and emotional. Some senses are stronger based on which side of the brain you prefer to live from.”

I can understand physical pretty well, for the most part, except how they relate to intellectual and emotional. Please explain.

Intelligence is mostly a learned perception. It is based on your will, your training, your degree of understanding, your sensitivity to the subject, your frame of mind, your capacity to distinguish, your ability to recognize, what others have told you or felt. You can have knowledge of things you haven’t experienced yet. Your frame of mind is the mood you are in and your understanding. Intelligence can be introspective, trying to understand yourself. It can relate to the physical, how to interpret and explain what you are seeing. The body reacts to what is given to it based on intelligence. The body will make judgements about how it should feel based on your understanding or sensitivity to a subject.”

Inner non-physical feeling comes from your mind. (Emotions come from the mind). A feeling can be inspired by music. Feelings can mature. They can be distinguished. Feelings can be recognized. They tell the body, this is pleasurable or this is troublesome to me. They are not directly linked to reasoning. I mature your feelings. Spending time with me will cause your emotions to mature. Emotions learn on an emotional level. They are trained by recognition and affirmation. Think of an emotion as an advanced perception encompassing intelligence, perception, and sense memory. Emotions are not always based on reason. Some are based on psychological events. For example, if one tastes pie for the first time and likes it. His sense memory will predict that effect the next time he encounters pie, and his emotions will prepare him for the sensation by giving him energy so he can better enjoy it. His emotions release higher sensations.”

So your saying he will physically enjoy the pie more?

The sensation will be stronger.”

So we can elevate our senses by emotions?

Different kinds of sensors can be elevated by different emotions. The thrill of going down a roller coaster is elevated by the nervousness you feel beforehand.”

So emotions can relate to physical perception?

Can? Must. They are a large part of what you sense.”

That doesn’t make sense? Eye sight is not affected by my emotional state.

The eyes are affected by the amount of energy flowing through your body. Fear is one such energy. It is adrenaline.”


Every sense can be affected by emotion. Even pain, thought not in the way you think. Pain is more or less the perception of danger. Your touch sensors can turn off sensitivity in a region of your body if it thinks that sense is normal.”

Do all emotions affect all senses?

Some can affect multiple senses. But no, not all emotions affect every sense. Grief will not affect your ability to see. Loneliness will not affect your ability to feel (touch). Only the senses that are relevant to that emotion will be affected. Thus tiredness will affect all the senses to the degree they are not being used. So emotion can elevate senses by sending energy to that sense. That’s why a pie tastes better the second time around.”

What are emotions?

I feel like I understand how this all relates to physicality now, but tell me about feelings, emotion? Where do they originate? What defines them? What triggers emotions?

Emotions are the housekeepers of the body keeping everything in check. They will tell you your needs. Just like you have physical needs, you have emotional needs. An emotional need is a something which is required for the body to produce energy. Thus, comfort is an emotional need to pain. The body is hurting, and emotional healing will speed the body’s healing and calm the excessive sensitivity to the hurt. Comfort makes things seem alright. They tell the body everything is fine, there is no need to worry. The body will then stop sending sensitivity energies to that pain. So yes, in a sense comfort will dull the pain, if not remove it entirely. Think of emotion as your body’s flow of energy. It gives directions on how energy is released, where that energy goes, and what kind of work it does. This energy can affect your sleeping, emotional state, energy level, heightened senses, or sensitivity, and even intellectual capacity. Emotions put the body’s resources where they need to be.”

So what about emotions we don’t want to have.

They can be controlled by maturing your emotions. Emotions can become attached to certain stimuli, so that it will overproduce more energy than needed for a place and time. This can be controlled simply through experiencing that stimuli again with different results. The body will notice the change and choose to use less energy next time. This is why doing something for the first time is sometimes the hardest. Its also why you may loose emotional sensitivity to certain stimuli. Over time, if nothing changes to the stimuli, the body will stop producing as much energy for that and will tone down to a moderate amount.”

So what about joy? Does joy release energy?

Actually joy is a reliever. It is sensual and emotional harmony. Some emotions release stressful energy for doing work. Other emotions release building up energy, restful relaxing energy that causes the body to rest. That’s why joy is so relieving, it replaces stressful energies and causes the body to have tranquility. Sometimes joy will excite the body, giving it passion to motivate movement. But yes, emotions can release either stressful energy or pleasurable energy. Sometimes pleasurable energy can accomplish more work than stressful energy can. Stressful energy is effective and made for short periodical bursts. Extended energy comes from euphoria emotions. If the body stays in stressful energy for too long it can deplete the body’s resources and the body will eventually run out of energy to give. Euphoria emotions have the opposite affect. They restore energy and build the body up. Joy will make a person strong.”

What if the body is caught in a state of emotional immaturity?

If the stimulus does not change the body will give it less energy. Remember what I said earlier, ‘Its also why you may loose emotional sensitivity to certain stimuli. Over time, if nothing changes to the stimuli, the body will stop producing as much energy for that and will tone down to a moderate amount.’ If you are in a heightened sense for too long of a time without significant change to the stimuli, the body will stop sending as much energy to the stimuli.”

What if the stimuli has significant change?

Then the emotions will either raise or relax accordingly. Tolerance – is the body’s tolerance to certain stimuli. Meaning the body will only let certain stimuli elevate you to a certain degree. It will not let the body waste too much energy.”

Wow! Thankyou God! That’s really fascinating.

I want to answer your last question. Where do emotions come from.”

Yes, please answer that.

Like I said, emotions prepare the body for experience. So they are built off of anticipating what will come.”


If someone says something nice to you, the body will produce joy as a reaction. This is called Pre-Ception determination. Emotions that come from this kind of perception come because your body’s senses of what to expect has changed. The body has given up its high energy output for action and has recalculated its resources to a restful and recharging state.”

Emotional Maturity

So what about confusing emotions? That don’t seem relevant to the situation? Ones you don’t want to have.

What is needed is emotional maturity, the ability to act rightly in the situations. Emotional maturity can come from many things; experience, truth, wisdom, the spirit, hope, peace, rest, and trust. Your emotions can be trained by your will to think different ways. This is what hope is. When you train your body to hope, your are reallocating its resources from stressful energy to euphoria ones. This is putting it in a more peaceful state. Peace will train your body by recognition. It will cause your body to perceive your surroundings without high energy. Without high energy, the body will increase its ability to think and understand the situation. It puts the body into assessment rather than blind action. This is a powerful motivator to emotional maturity. Grace will produce hope Jon Paul. It will also cause happiness. With grace you can please the Lord. The emotions are most relaxed when they have perceived the situation correctly. This is why having wisdom is so vital.The emotional definition of Wisdom is the ability to sense things your couldn’t perceive in your own intellect.”

So what is intense joy?

It is not so much a physical relaxation of the body as much as a mental relaxation, and euphoria. Its rests your emotional-intellectual process.”

Sorry, that was side note. You may continue from where you left off and we will get back to that. Is that ok?

Perfect. I understand the way you think. You are wanting to better listen by removing the urgentness of your curiosity.”

So how does that list bring emotional maturity?

The next one is love, love will bring the greatest maturity. The saying, love casts out all fear? Love will train your emotions better than anything else. It causes long-term change. Nothing else creates as long term change as love does to your emotional response. Comfort is a close second. All things after that can have a similar and impacting affect, but the greatest of these is love. Emotional maturity is the ability to produce the greatest amount of work in a time. A body that is fully matured will not have irrelevant emotions. A fully matured energy system will be joyful, peaceful, gentle, calm, steadfast, and healthy. A mature healthy emotional system will not be overly strained. It will be peaceful even in turmoil. This is why healthy emotions are fully trusted in Me.”

Thanks God!

Positive Emotions

Hmmm. What’s your next question?”

What do you mean by, ’emotional intellectual process. What exactly is joy?’

You body has the ability to sense pleasure on an emotional level. Joy ignites that pleasure.”

What exactly is that pleasure?

It releases an energy that heals and regenerates the body as well as stabilizes it. It calms excessive stress and elevates senses to appropriate levels. Think of it as giving your body a drink. Joy will make your body strong.”

Why does the body need ‘water’?

When certain senses are overworked, while others strained, the body can become overstrained. Joy brings balance to your body’s resources.”

Is that where the pleasure comes from?

The pleasure in joy comes from its relief to the brain. You feel happy when your brain is experiencing rest.”

What’s it resting from?

Bringing balance to the body. Joy is your body creating energy.”

Wow. So joy creates energy?

The Joy of the Lord is my strength.”

What kind of energy?

All kinds. It is refilling your container of emotive energy.”

So what is the pleasure we get from joy? Is it the feeling of refilling my energy?

Joy is the feeling of your body not working on lack any longer. Not distributing scare resources. When your joyful, every system in your body benefits.”


So yes, it is as you say, joy is kind of like when your thirsty and finally get something to drink. You body could operate but on scarce resources. The water enabled it to function properly. Peace is a similar emotion. Only it brings the body into a restful state. Peace prepares the body for repair. Joy and peace are powerful together.”

(I read and article online.)

Wow, so what were they saying about releasing pleasure? And what were you saying about emotions?

Only that emotions feel better when their needs are meet. Your body’s need for energy is meet with pleasure when joy refills its energy container. So yes, emotions can be explained on a physical level. They can also be described on an emotional and intellectual level.”

I need to go to bed, but tell me one.

Emotions satisfy needs for the body and the body’s need for energy, it can also change your thinking.”


Emotions can generate thoughts and can respond to thoughts.”

How does that work?

Emotions are built upon your perceptions. If those perceptions change, your emotions change. An emotion might perceive danger when no danger is around. If so it may give you a mental urge to take action. In the same manner, an emotion might perceive peaceful situations and so urge your mind to relax.”

Wow thanks God. That’s good. I’ll talk to you more tomorrow!

Your welcome. Talk to you soon!”

Why does joy create more energy?

Joy excites the production of energy because its preparing for something. That’s why it also balances the body. Its allocating resources. Joy is preparing the body for euphoria which is a series of sensations, emotional, intellectual and sensual.”

What is Euphoria?

Euphoria is when all emotional needs of the body are fully meet. It refills all energy levels to their max.”

I didn’t really understand… What is an emotional need? Is it a need for energy?

Yes, it is a need for maturity. Euphoria is when the body has stopped demanding as much energy and is satisfied with its increasing levels. So yes, an emotional need is fulfilled when its energy is refilled. I speak of energy as the supply which that emotion requires to do work. So satisfaction is achieved when there is plenty of energy to go around.”

What is pleasurable energy?

Energy that refills the body or calms down excessive use of energy. Basically what I’m saying is this. If the body is undergoing stress due to a stimuli, then energy is being released to help the body deal with it. When that need is meet, they body will return to its natural state and regain energy to complete more tasks. This is joy.”

Can you give me an example?

Let’s imagine anger. When the body is angry it will trigger elevated testosterone, which causes the body to enter fight or flight. It ignites aggressive impulses. That testosterone will eventually run out if overused. Joy will release a chemical that fights against excessive testosterone calming it and pulling the body out of the state that energy put it in.”

High energy cannot be sustained forever without recharging in a lower energy state.”

You make me feel happy. Sometimes the body will jump from high extremes to low extremes. The body is simply trying to conserve energy but it is still feeling the motivation caused by the stimuli. Thus depression and anger are the same emotion but in different energy level states.


A negative emotion both high and low are expending energy but at different rates in the form of stress. A positive emotion will release energy to recharge the body and put it back into its normal state.”

So the body has to release energy in order to rest itself?

When the body releases positive energy it is conducting healing properties to begin to restore areas of extreme use.”

Can one always have positive emotions only?

For the long term? Yes. Only seldom will you need to use excessive amounts of energy. Like they said, the body’s amount of energy can be trained to increase.”

So let me see if I have understood you. Somehow negative emotions are breaking down energy to do work, and positive emotions are building it back up?

Yes, kind of. Let me see. Euphoria. Is the state when the body is successfully recharging or recharged. All systems will function normally producing the correct levels in the body. Negative emotions put stress on the body and pull it out of a state of balance. Resources are not going normally where they are supposed to go and are being expended to create action. When you feel peaceful or joyful the body reorganizes itself into balance putting resources where they need to be in order to restore its health and vitality.”

And joy uses energy to reorganize the body?

Yes, kind of. Sometimes joy has to put energy into the body in order to balance it. Thus, if you’ve been experiencing a negative emotion for a long time, joy will release endorphins that heal, restore, and recover those energy levels.”

(When God says “Euphoria”, the current science term for it is “homeostasis”. God is actually referring to homeostasis in our language, but for some reason he calls its euphoria instead.)

Homeostasis is when the body’s needs are meet. In a state of homeostasis, the body will resume a calm, regenerative posture.”

So define for me the confusion earlier.

You asked if having critically low levels of energy can put you into a state of negative emotions. It can. But your body’s default mode is restful and peaceful, it will always try to return to this state when it can. So to answer your question, it will enter those low energy negative emotions when it does not have energy to react to aggressive stimuli. So low energy does not necessarily mean bad emotions. It can mean that, if the body is trying to conserve energy. But at its lowest state, it will return to tranquility.”

So do you call homeostasis euphoria? Are they the same things?

Yes. I call euphoria homeostasis. Euphoria is all the pleasant emotions that come when the body is conducting energy properly.”

O! So euphoria is the sensations of homeostasis.

They indicate homeostasis is going on.”

So again with my first question. What were you saying about how your emotions will assume a low energy state if a higher one is not needed?

It does this to conserve energy. Even strong positive emotions use energy even though they are building up the body.”

So the body will avoid strong emotions unless there is a need.

Yes, if there is no need for a higher state, the body will turn to a restful recharging posture. That’s why when you give yourself excessive joy for long periods of time, the effect tames down.”

Thanks God.

(Skip over this next part if it confuses you. I was thinking, well if joy restores energy, does there come a point where there is no more need for restoration when you body is stuffed with energy. If joy is a sensation of the body recharging (which is not completely correct), can the body get so full of energy that you can no longer experience joy? What God showed me was that both the sensation of recharging and the sensation of being fully recharged or homeostasis are positive sensations. He also told me that the body will try to balance its use of creating and using energy so they are equal. It does not want to create more energy than it will use or less energy. Also, when the body has an excessive amounts of energy that aren’t being used, it will use that energy to upgrade the body in special ways.)

Sometimes your body can produce excessive energy as when your metabolism speeds up.”

Why does it do that?

To permanently increase its overall store of energy.”

So when joy has fully recharged my body, it will also increase its capacity?

You can never run out of feeling joy. The body does not have to be low on energy to feel joy. Once the body is in its normal state, joy will make a new normal by rewiring thought processes, making long term repair and upgrades. Thus after long periods of joy, your body is more adept at handling stress.”

So summarize please.

Positive emotions bring the body back to normality. They calm excessive strain and they stabilize the body’s systems. In a low energy state, the body is using scare resources. When excessive energy comes in, the body will force itself into a high energy state.”

So God please explain this too me. Is there a such thing as high energy level positive and negative emotions?

There can be positive and negative emotions, emotions that cause stress or pleasure on the body. Emotions that cause stress use up emotional energy to create action, either enhancing senses, cognitive ability or reasoning. It puts your body into a position of stress. This is appropriate for occasional bursts of performance.”

How does negative emotions put stress on the body?

It presents a stimuli that the body reacts to to hyper extend its performance at the cost of its comfort.”

And what about positive emotions? Is there a such thing as high and low energy positive emotions? What is a positive emotion? How does a positive emotion cause pleasure to the body?

Good question. A positive emotion is something that restores the body to tranquility, comfort, normalcy, proper function. It is not putting stress on the body. Positive emotions release healing endorphins that recover and increase the body’s store of energy and emotion. This is a positive experience because the body’s needs are being meet and it is satisfactorily. In this state the body can repair.”

I think I’ve understood you so far. But I have a couple questions from that. Do positive emotions wear out when the body’s needs are fully meet?

When everything is balancing properly, the body will not produce an excess of energy.”


Does the amount of energy in your body limit the kind of emotions you can experience?

It’s not that you can’t experience those emotions, its just that your body becomes less willing to. Thus when you are talking with someone on the phone about something that normally excites you, your body may be less willing to have the same level of excitement if its tired because it wants to conserve energy.”

So your tolerance to stimuli lessens so that your body is less willing to be provoked.

Yes. Your tolerance lessens and your ‘ignorance’ increases. Your body begins to ignore more stimuli.”


If it comforts you the same is true with negative emotions.”

That does.

Remember what I said earlier about how your body will desensitize to different stimuli over time? That’s the same thing. Your body does it to conserve energy.”

Wow, thanks God. You don’t know how much this means to me and my friends that I get to talk with you like this.

It means the same to Me.”

 So does depression slow your body’s produce of energy.

All stress does. When your body is stressed it uses resources that are usually used in making energy to create energy for itself. So its kind of trying to take control and produce for itself.”

There’s a hole in my bucket!

I want you to write what I say. Don’t worry about discernment now, use it later. The emotion of joy is a powerful energy. Joy in the body reacts to many stimuli. One such producer is health. Joy trains the body to work effectively. The emotion of joy is different from the emotion of fear in this. Fear uses a short burst of energy that taxes all other energies, all other chemicals. Joy gives energy that combines with other chemicals to strengthen them. So joy is reinforcing the other chemicals in the body making them more productive. The more of this chemical in the body, the happier you will feel. When your body is low on joy, it starts to feel strained, this is because the chemicals its producing can’t keep up with the demand. When the body is low on joy, it cannot continue to produce other chemicals fast enough for their use. Thus the body becomes tired and feel agitated. Joy re-stimulates the production of endorphins which give the body energy to function. Think of it this way. You have several buckets of water all going to different places to do work. Joy is like the hose that fills up the buckets. Without joy, the buckets run low on energy and that lack of energy leads to tiredness, and low energy negative emotions.”

So with the bucket picture, what does fear do?

Fear pokes a hole in the buckets to consume energy faster, they tell those energies to use up energy faster, yet it doesn’t refill them.”

Thankyou, please continue.

Fear is not an energy, adrenaline is a combination of other chemicals, taken in excess of the supply given. Negative emotions drain the body. Its my attempt to keep people happy. Negative people won’t have energy to hurt. Positive people will have the energy to endure. Satisfaction produces joy (talking about stimuli). When you are satisfied with something, your body will release joy. Love also produces joy. Love is a great stimulator to all positive emotions. When your emotional buckets are full your body will feel rested, peaceful, unstrained, and even excited.”

What’s producing the excitement?

Excess energy coming from the joy chemical.”

So if joy is overflowing your energy levels, you will feel excited.

If joy is flowing abundantly in your body it will sometimes go straight to work using itself to create the sensation of euphoria. Thus high energy joy is using itself to upgrade the body.”

So does the body have to be full of energy to have euphoria?

The body doesn’t have to be full, but joy would be producing energy faster than the body can use it, so it uses that excess to create the sensation of euphoria, which is the feeling of the body being upgraded.

So why can the body feel more tired after bliss.

Your body is converting physical energy into emotional energy.”


I love talking with you God about emotions.

It makes me feel happy. Do you want to know more?”

Yes, please. What about the other emotions, what about them.

Remember how I told you peace prepares the body for rest?”


Peace is a low energy level of satisfaction. It is when the body is balanced, no one part is overstrained. As a low level it allows the body to recharge. Peace is the most effective way for the body to regain its statue, intelligence, rest, energy, vitality, stability, and reasoning and emotional maturity. It trains the body to use its emotional energy properly and effectively. Peace will refill energy by consuming less of it. In a state of peace the body will assess itself and repair any needs and damages it may have.”

Where does the pleasure in peace come from?

Peace is a relaxer. When something is relaxed, it repairs. Peace calms the body down.”

So is it producing energy.

Actually it is mostly stopping leaks. Just like fear uncorks the bucket. Peace plugs it back up. There is also a mental peace, I will talk to you about that.”

What is that?

It is when your reasoning is satisfied, when you are figuring things out at a rate that is supported by the amount of energy you are given.”

Nervousness and Sadness

Explain to me emotions in more detail please.

Which emotion do you want to hear about?”

Nervousness and joy sadness and peace.

Nervousness comes when your body’s nerves are stimulated making you alert and sensitive to stimuli around you. Nervousness can quicken your body’s functions. Some nervousness is ok even in a prolonged state. It doesn’t use as much energy and can even help the body in some ways. A person who is nervous will make better judgements and it will actually require less brain power to figure out problems.”

So essentially is makes you body efficient at problem solving?

Yes, you can arrive at decisions quicker meaning you use less energy overall.”

So is nervousness a positive emotion?

By positive do you mean does it create pleasure?”


Nervousness tends to use more energy than it gives and it slowly tires the body.”

I though you said it makes decision making faster.

All decision making requires resources, nervousness makes that efficient, meaning in prolonged periods of problem solving it can save more energy. Nervousness does have a happy element to it. It makes you sensitive to stimuli, meaning stimuli affect you more readily and your body knows how to better treat these stimuli. Thus joy and nervousness will make you laugh easier.”

Does nervousness present any problems?

Sometimes it can be stimulated to easily by things that shouldn’t stimulate it. Its made for using energy efficiently. When your body is in a mode where it is trying to conserve energy, nervousness can put the body out of balance, using energy faster than it should to recharge. This isn’t dangerous, its merely why nervousness can make you feel tired if you were already tired to begin with. Too long of period of sustained nervousness, can make your body collapse stronger into recovery. The sensation of being suddenly extra tired. Like when you come out of a sugar high. Your body becomes all the more eager to recover and becomes instead resistant to stimuli. If you are nervous for too long your body will force you to stop by numbing you to sensitivity, meaning you simply won’t be capable of being nervous again until that part has had some time to repair. So all in all, don’t worry about it. It’s not a dangerous emotion. It can help you perform better, and it will stop before it has time to damage your body.”

Does nervousness stress your body like fear?

Not too much. It does put demand and strain on the process in you brain that handles information but not enough to ware it out. Like I said nervousness can be sustained for long periods of time.”

Wow! Your awesome God. You made the body so efficient!

Thanks, I made it for you.”

Wow… That means so much.

Your welcome. You have no idea what I’m willing to do for you.”

The Bible saying how will you not along with him freely give us all things.

All things Jon Paul. Just as you have described, I am.What do you want to ask me next?”

What about sadness?

Sadness and joy are opposites. If joy is creating energy, then sadness is what happens when your body is no longer creating it. Sadness comes when the body is trying to change the way it thinks to handle emotional pain. Sadness will teach your body peace. When you are sad you body is reordering its use of energy and finding new ways to conserve energy from being wasted. Too much sadness can stun the body, causing it to not want to feel any emotion at all. The body grieves because it can’t handle the pain that has been put on it. It is your body’s way of telling you, that is too painful for me. If you continue to be sad, your body will handle the stress in different ways. The first is through ignoring it. It will cause that stimuli to be overlooked in your reasoning and will try to prevent your mind from thinking about it. This is efficient for a while, so your body can recover from the shock. Its all to conserve energy. If the body can’t ignore the pain, it will substitute it with pleasure. Meaning the body will develop a new perspective of that situation that will put the body to rest and not cause such great pain. It is literally teaching your body to be happy in spite of the situation. Thus your body says, I can’t behave appropriately under such stress so I am going to no longer treat it as stress and find a new way to approach it. In a sense, sadness makes you immune to pain.”

Are those lessons always healthy?

It will not cause you body stress. Yes it is always healthy. It is not good for the body to suffer to much pain. Sadness also numbs the pain by nulling the stimulants.”

Isn’t that just ignoring it.

No, its slowing down the response so the body can handle it in increments so it won’t waste the body’s resources with overload.”

Wow. Is that it? Are those all the ways sadness handles stress?

Yes for now. There is a more complicated way. Essentially the body will develop a chemical that provides abundant energy to handle the situation. But that is beyond now.”

Wow! That is so cool!

(Another way the Lord told me that the body will handle pain, is that it will take it in a little at a time. Sadness will handle its pain in portions, not all at once.)

Irrational Fears

So Lord, tell me about irrational fears. Ones your logic know are inappropriate. How does your body treat those?

Irrational fears are build off of irrational perceiving. Like I said, sometimes your emotions can get ignited by certain stimuli when there are other instances when that stimuli is safe. The easiest way to retrain your perceptions is through prayer. The trait about fear is that it usually does not study the situation before acting, it is made for quick response. You can cause fear to study the situation before releasing adrenaline if you’ve been in the situation before. If you suddenly become afraid, quickly loosing that fear will cause your body to remember that response. If your body is acting pre-maturely, correct it when it occurs. Simply enforce in your intellect that the situation is not threatening to you. Your emotions do eventually pick up from your intellect.”

Tell me about the connection between intellect and emotions? What you were starting to tell me earlier.

You want to know how intellect can affect emotions?”


Your body can treat thoughts as stimulants, so that its not so much reacting to the message you want, but the words you think. As emotions mature they will act not according to the word, but according to the message. Thus in some cases, your intellect can send conscious commands to your emotions. Irrational fears can go away. If the intellect continues to be convinced of its belief despite how the emotions are acting, the emotions will adapt to the intellect’s decision.”

Wow. Why does that happen?

Because when the emotion’s brain urges are not being responded to, they will realize that they are doing useless work.”

How quickly does that happen?

It actually happens pretty fast. Thus the emotions look to the mind for reinforcement, if the mind does not agree, the emotions will respond appropriately.”

Will you answer those two question again, I think those were my thoughts and not yours.

The intellect can take over the body’s emotional response by holding its ground. Thus the situation you were just in, your body was telling your emotions not to be afraid.”

What if your intellect and emotions are irrational?

Then your body is not convinced its irrational. However, it may still stop its course, if new information comes, or the body cannot sustain the energy.”

How does your body know how much energy to give to certain stimuli?

It learns a lot of that through intellect.”

So my intellect can make decisions about what I value and what’s dangerous to me? And those decisions will affect my emotions?


Training your Amygdala

Tell me more about emotions in general, you said they are energy moving around the body based on perceptions to prepare the body for experience. Are emotions always based on perceptions?

Some are based on stimuli.”

Isn’t that the same thing?

No. What I mean is, some are skipping the process of perception to give you an instant response to a stimuli.”

O! The amygdala.

Yes, precisely. The amygdala is responsible to protecting the body’s assets by responding quickly to situations. It is trained beforehand, not during an operation. You can calm the amygdala’s sensitivity down by believing there is no threat.”

I want to teach you how to negate negative feelings.”

Amen. I ask for that.

The body has the ability to feel pleasurable even when its in negative circumstances. This comes from trusting me. The body responds to my voice. If you are feeling worried, your trust in me will get rid of excessive negative emotions.”

Trust huh? That seems right. Anything else?

Sadly no. The easiest thing to do in this case is to do the world’s techniques. But you know the problems with those. If you trust me, I literally take over the body’s emotional system and direct it myself.”

Tell me something encouraging about emotions?

Emotions are sensitive to change.”

What makes them sensitive to change?

My love. You know emotions can get in the habit of doing things one way. However, a simple word can change the way your emotions process information. A kind word can stabilize a destructive system. Your emotions will always seek to find a more positive state, they more readily change from destructive emotions to uplifting ones than the other way around. This is because the body is seeking the most efficient energy system and it knows a peaceful state will recharge energy the fastest. If given enough time, the body will seek and teach itself peace with lasting consequences. Even a troubled soul will find peace in simple time. Unless it needs that level of intensity, the body will train itself to be stable, peaceful, and joyful even in stressful times. This is why older people are usually more mature. Even if their intellect doesn’t change, their body will upgrade their emotional state. So time also matures your emotions.”

Wow! That’s so cool. And that’s encouraging to know. It means I will be more stable the older I get.

And the more peaceful.”

That’s why my dad and other people seem so stable all the time. What determines how fast time matures your emotions?

Words can make maturing faster. Your body will latch onto an encouraging word if it believes it will bring your system peace. My presence will encourage fast growth. Contrary to your belief, pain does not make the system grow faster. It gives the body reason to change, but change comes from time, not pain.”

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it and learned some useful things!


2 thoughts on “Conversations with God – Emotions

  1. Thanks for the post! It was really long (very energy consuming), scientific but wonderful!
    A brother gave me a word recently about having joy despite difficult situations, and I personally have very sensitive emotions, so your post on joy, emotions and such is really intriguing to read!
    I wish I can have such clear conversation with God too… I am still learning to listen to God’s voice, to discern His message, and trying to be sensitive all the time to His guidance and leading. Is this a process everyone goes through for those who want to hear God and know His heart? It is quite disappointing sometimes when I have to guess and wait to see if a certain sign or message is from God or not.


  2. Your very welcome! I’m amazed you got through it all! Did you do it in one sitting? That’s really cool. I love your questions.

    You can talk with God like that! Part of the reason I post my conversations with Him is to show people one way they can talk with God and to set an example. There are a lot of people who feel the same way you do, including myself at one point. I can understand being disappointed. I grew up in a church that encouraged hearing the Lord’s voice, but no one suspected that you could have a conversation with him. I always desired to speak with him and hear him all the time. And I would be frustrated with how little I actually heard him speak or if it was even him. And at one point I misheard God terribly and I made a vow that I would never mishear Him again. Well for a whole year I heard nothing from Him. Until one day, when the Lord spoke to me for the first time in a while I asked, “Why haven’t I been hearing you all this time?” And he said, “You made a vow a year ago that you would never hear me wrong.” So God had me repent of that vow and then I started hearing him again, but still not as frequently. But I begged and ask God to be able to hear his voice and he made me a promise, that I would be able to hear him all the time whenever I wanted and wherever and it would be easy to hear him. So the Lord began to teach me how to hear his voice. First he removed a lot of the faulty beliefs I had about it. Ideas like – God doesn’t want to speak, God doesn’t want to speak to me, God doesn’t have much to say, God will go quiet if you don’t obey the last thing He said, God only speaks to the mature, I can only hear him under certain conditions or if I have been obedient, etc… None of those things are true, and that’s offensive. As he removed those beliefs, I began to hear him clearer and clearer. He eventually told me, “You hear my voice for your sake, not mine. The trick to hearing my voice all the time, is to get rid of everything that says you can’t.” It is true, as God’s child, spouse, body, friend, servant, lover, one in spirit, you are privileged to hear from God all the time. It is not based on your behavior. What father would stop talking to their kid? You must realize that God does speak, he is not silent. He does want to talk to YOU! Just start asking him questions and write down whatever comes to mind. Don’t discern while your listening, often times you will suppose something is just you when really its God. So write down anything that comes to mind and discern afterward if it was God. You’ll be surprised to find how often your thoughts really weren’t your thoughts and you were actually hearing God. I am not saying we create God’s voice or that we make our thoughts God’s thoughts or put words in his mouth. I’m saying He can literally speak to you in your heart and mind and often times we dismiss that as random or of us. So you must train yourself not to be critical and take a risk of hearing Him wrong sometimes. Be simple with discernment. If its wise, encouraging, life-giving, practical, peaceful, loving, bears good fruit, makes your stable and hopeful then it was probably God, regardless of how much like you it sounded. If it is confusing, frustrating, irritating, frightening, or unsettling then it isn’t of Him, no matter how much like Him it sounded. So to answer your question. No, you don’t have to walk through a process. As of right now you can hear him all the time. Just ask him to speak to you all the time and take time to listen. But on the other hand, if you’ve grown up with a lot of religious rules surrounding hearing his voice, then you may have to dismantle those rules and stop telling God what he can and can’t do. He will speak to you if you let him and sometimes he plays by your rules. Is God not supposed to speak to you when you’ve done something bad? Very well, why bother listening? But for me, I know that when I disobey is the perfect time to get a word from my father. I’m not saying God HAS to obey all your rules. I’m just saying God is willing to speak all the time, and sometimes you sacrifice that privilege to play a silly game with silly rules. So allow God to speak freely and don’t hold onto beliefs that say that you can’t hear him. As of now I can sit down anywhere and talk with God as long as we desire. Anytime of the day, free-flowing conversation! I wasn’t born with that gift, and I don’t have any special privileges. I merely asked God and let him teach me. Ask God to teach you how to hear his voice. You don’t have to rely on all my lessons or someone else’s lessons, learn from God yourself and be willing to take a risk. You have the holy spirit within you to teach you how. Its not hard at all. For more reading you can check out my article Conversations with God – Hearing his voice


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