Conversations with God – What is God’s Will in My Life?

Here is a conversation I had with God about his will in people’s lives. It is by no means comprehensive but I think it scratches the surface of God’s heart for people.

(Sometimes I mishear God, give me grace for such mistakes and enjoy the read.)

What is God’s Will in My Life?

I see a lot of college students looking for your will and purpose in their life. Some don’t have any idea.

They have not been taught my will is in them. It is not outside, so that you have to go looking for it. I place my will in their hearts and draw it on their minds. ‘For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.’ What many are looking for in signs I have written in their hearts in a way that only they can know and understand. You see, the will of God is not this separate entity from my children so that they have no clue what it is until they search. It is very near, woven into your very desires and thought patterns. It is the gentle voice that draws you. Many have been told that God’s will must look a certain way, and so instead of following the wisdom I’ve placed in their hearts they go looking to a great spiritual leader to impart purpose and meaning to their lives. A spiritual leader’s wisdom cannot replace the wisdom I’ve put inside my children. So my advise to the students is this, ‘What God has purposed He will accomplish.’

So you are saying we should recognize God’s will by the desires he places in our hearts and understand that we can’t miss it.

The promptings of the spirit will guide your steps.”

What is your will?

That all of them should know me, from the least of them to the greatest and be given the kingdom and the superabundance of grace in Christ Jesus. My will is that all come to the revelation of their hope and the assurance of love. And this love says, ‘Do not be afraid. I have called you, and I will perform what I have destined in your life.’ My will draws out the full expression of who you are in boldness and assurance that only comes from the freedom of the gospel. Understanding my grace releases people into my kingdom and into their life’s purposes. Without my grace, even fulfilling my will feels miserable and lifeless. This is because my will is not accomplished by human hands, by the good intentions of man. It is accomplished in a heart that is overflowing with gratitude. When you show people the kindness of God, you are releasing them to overcome the world and walk in victory of every area of lack in their life. So the gospel releases the power live upright in a way that is pleasing and approved by God.”

So you’re saying we must be rooted in grace or else trying to fulfill our calling will feel lifeless.

You cannot work out what has not been worked in you. If you want to accomplish my will in all its glory, you must learn that I never demand what I don’t impart. If you are rooted in grace, you never have to ask what is God’s will in my life, you know in your heart and mind and spirit and you walk in it effortlessly.”

So what would you tell those who cry out for your purpose in their life?

I would tell them, “To be loved by God and nothing more.’ Their hearts are seeking for a way to serve an idea they have of God. But if that idea does not come out of their hearts being rooted in grace, then no matter how good it looks, it will stink of death. My love empowers greatness. Greatness does not empower my love.”

You don’t mean ‘and nothing more’ do you?

Nothing beyond the love of God will accomplish his will in your life, not a word, not a thought, not a work. If you add to or subtract from his love, then whatever is added becomes a burden and whatever is subtracted becomes a strain. And I never strain my children for the sake of them proving their love to me.”

This has been a good conversation God.

I liked it too. We will talk more.”


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