The wise and foolish virgins.

This may be new territory in interpreting the scripture for a lot of you. I grew up primarily in a futurist interpretation of Revelations which is the view most often presented in charismatic churches. However though a lot of study and research I found that a partial preterist view makes much more biblical sense. Here is a well written article in that direction. I would encourage you to read it with an open mind.

His Grace Is Enough


The parable of the wise and foolish virgins or the 10 virgins when wrongly interpreted suggests that Christians will be left behind in the rapture. The traditional interpretation of this parable centers around what the oil represents. It is pertinent to note traditionally it is interpreted that the oil represents the Holy Spirit. As such believers were taught that if there is no oil in your lamp, that is, if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit, you will not be allowed to enter the marriage of the Lamb. So there you go. That’s the interpretation of the parable. Hence you can lose your salvation.

Problems with the traditional interpretation

How do you have oil in your lamp? Let me rephrase that. That is a wrong question. Both set of virgins actually had oil in their lamps. Just that one set of virgins had oil to spare, while the…

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One thought on “The wise and foolish virgins.

  1. I really appreciate this view on the 10 virgins . The Lord has really opened your eyes . I really enjoy reading and listening to your post . Along with you i also have been affected by the gospel of grace it has been liberating filling my heart with the love and peace of God . I happened to find you by accident. I was looking for some commentary from joeseph prince on hebrews 12 and clicked you blog thinking it was from pastor prince after realizing it was not , i thought ( let listen and see what you have to say ) i was expecting to hear the traditional do bad get bad do good get good but when you stated some might get offended at your view on discipline i knew you must be coming from a grace prospective so i had to hear what you had to say . What you shared is my experience with jesus. He is love and is always loving us as you know the greek word for discipline is to rear up a child or teach , or instruct in titus its says the grace of God brings salvation TEACHING us , the word ( teaches ) is the same word for ( chastening ) in the greek and not this punishment thinking God . My experience has been God loving me first then finding my heart under the influence of his love for me thereby changing my appetite away from sin and in love with his son for dying for me and taking the punishment for my sins freeing from condemnation so i can go and sin no more in other words to continue receiving the gift of no condemnation because of the finish works of jesus , His obedience made me righteous. I have alot more to share but my finger is getting tired : ) . Thanks for sharing your blogs with us


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