Christians aren’t perfect people, we are forgiven people

Christians have a hard time not getting a bad reputation sometimes by the world and other Christians. It’s not always that we are worse than other people but when we teach perfection we are expected to live what we teach. We hold people to standards that we can’t hold and that get’s us in trouble.

But the gospel isn’t about trying to be perfect people. Far from it, the gospel is actually realizing that you can never be perfect. It’s realizing that even with your best effort you can never keep all God’s commands. But God loves us enough that he let the one truly perfect person suffer for the sins of all the imperfect people. So we can be right with God just by accepting and trusting in what Jesus did for us to make us right with God.

Being a christian does not mean being a perfect people, it means being a forgiven people.

And that’s the message we need to share. Not that we are here to straighten out the world, but that the world in it’s current state can enjoy an unstoppable grace that will never run out. A grace that will keep on forgiving and showing love, especially to those to mess up the most. That kind of unconditional love is what changes our hearts.



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