My name is Jon Paul. I was born and raised in Nashville and since then have moved many times. I love computers, technology, music, writing, airsoft, video games, audiobooks, and movies. I went to a church now called Grace Center for the majority of my life and a wonderful youth group. I was saved when I was 4. I suppose you would say I’m from a non-denominational background. I’m currently in college for a web design degree. I love listening to Joseph Prince and John Sheasby and their messages of grace. I love spending time with God, talking with him and learning about him in a way that is life giving.

Here is a simply way to contact me, I hope my spam filter does not erase your message. I apologize for any missed messages that may have been deleted as spam. Feel free to ask questions or comment! I would love to get in touch with you! Thanks!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Very cool, I have never heard of them. But I’m sampling David Benoit now. He’s good. I enjoy some of the popular bands. Hillsong, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, etc… but currently my favorites are ThePianoGuys on youtube and Jonsi from “How to Train Your Dragon.”


  2. You know, none come to my mind right off. But, sometimes what the Lord will do with me is redefine the meaning of the words or instead of me singing the words to him, He’ll sing them to me. So, with the Lord’s help, many songs I believe could be a potential grace song. Just a thought, but know, I’m not familiar with many.


  3. Hello John! I fear that my e-mail might go into your spam filter, so I was wondering if you could e-mail me instead? That’s why i’m commenting. ( jason.constantinou1997@gmail.com ) I’m sure you must get a lot of e-mails, but there are a few matters that I’d like to have your aid with, if you had the time? I would be so greatly thankful and appreciative! They are hindering obstacles that I could use your help with that have prevented me from having a sound mind for too long. Thank you in advance John, thank you greatly!


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